adult holographic umbrella

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 Please  trust us – you've never seen anything like it before, because no one  has. This iridescent holographic umbrella looks like it came from the  future and carrying it basically makes you the celebrity of the  sidewalk. Get ready for lots of double-takes and be prepared for strangers to  stop you in your tracks  –  don’t say we didn’t warn you. The  color-changing canopy is completely see-through, just like a clear  umbrella, so at least you'll see them coming. Crazy as it sounds, the Holo Umbrella will actually make you look forward to rainy days.   

  • Waterproof, blended soft plastic
  • Sturdy metal construction to hold up against strong winds
  • Smooth-touch matte rubber grip handle
  • Opens with spring-loaded button
  • Button snap closure Measures 46" across when open