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Build, code, and play — with mighty REX!

Assemble  your own robotic model of the giant, powerful, ferocious Tyrannosaurus  rex. Use the handheld controller to command your robot to move around in  all directions, light up its eyes, and play sounds, including chowing  down on food and even farting! The special Code+Control wireless unit  enables you to either directly control REX in real time, or write and  save sequences of commands for the robot to perform at the push of a  button. No app or separate devices are required! 

REX  makes hands-on STEM learning fun and accessible. First, follow the  step-by-step instructions to assemble the robot and controller from 100  pieces and decorate your completed dino with stickers. At 11 inches tall  and 19 inches long, REX really commands respect! 

Then,  learn the function of each button on the controller and how to combine  those functions together into programs for your robot. With two motors  and a flexible tail, REX can move in one of two ways: walking or  gliding. Put REX into guardian mode and it will use its infrared sensors  to identify intruders then unleash a ferocious roar!

The  process of assembling REX gives you an insider's look at various  electrical components found inside many robots and by experimenting with  the different commands your robot pal can follow, you'll get a clearer  understanding of how robots work!

  • Build a robotic T. rex dinosaur and wireless controller with Code+Control Technology
  • Two control modes: Direct remote control and programming
  • Screen-free coding: No app or other devices required  
  • Includes lights, sounds, motors, and an infrared sensor
  • Put REX in guardian mode to protect your bedroom from intruders
  • A comprehensive, educational gift for dino lovers and robot enthusiasts at an accessible price.