trainbots: 2-in-1 steam maker kit

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Choo choo! TrainBots coming through! 

All aboard! Put on your engineer’s cap and build your own steampunk-style train robot with amazing steam effects. You can build your TrainBot in two  different configurations: a rolling train and a walking robot. Turn it  on and watch it go, with cool water vapor “steam” billowing from its  chimney, lit up in a fiery orange glow. This retro-futuristic model is  packed with modern technology, including an electric motor, LED lights,  circuit board, and an innovative ultrasonic atomizer that transforms tap  water into the fine mist that rises from the chimney. Learn about how  the ultrasonic atomizer works, about the differences between fog, smoke,  and steam, and about the steampunk craze. The experiment  manual includes step-by-step assembly instructions as well as a fun,  comic-book-style story that brings the TrainBots to life.

  • Build your own funky, steampunk-themed robots that emit a safe, cool steam that mimics a real-life locomotive.
  • Two  robots to choose from: a rolling train or a walking robot; move a few  pieces to go back and forth between each configuration quickly and with  ease.
  • An LED light illuminates the water vapor for a dazzling steam engine effect.
  • Includes  an electric motor, circuit board, and ultrasonic atomizer that helps  teach kids about ultrasonic and sound waves as well as phases of matter.
  • Manual includes a fun, comic-book-style story that adds to the play value of the kit and brings the models to life.